20 Years in the Making: General Boiler’s Express to Efficiency

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20 Years in the Making: General Boilers’ Express to Efficiency

By: Sheila M. Romero, M.S.

When asked about what makes GB boilers so efficient, Elmer Romero, General Boiler’s president and chief engineer asserts, “It is all in the design and GB’s use of domestic parts and materials.” Elmer has been in the boiler industry for over 30 years, so he knows what works and doesn’t work when it comes to boilers. Elmer specializes in scotch marines firing on natural gas, and other fuel-powered designs. The Company, based out of Los Angeles, CA, just entered its 20th year in the industry.


Elmer& Sheila at Cleanshow


At the Clean ’07 show in Las Vegas, just about everyone who stopped by General Boiler’s booth was impressed with the design and workmanship of GB’s scotch marine and Vertical MarineTM boilers. The Marine SuperBoilerTM – a scotch marine featuring double-insulated shell, hot gas turbulators, and a high efficiency power burner – is General Boiler’s most efficient design. Many gazed in wonder and appreciation at its compactness, and cleancut design.

The scotch marine’s efficiency did not come overnight. It has been the result of many years of research and engineering. General Boilers started out broadly at first, but now specialize in small boilers from 6HP to 65HP. They also manufacture electric-powered boilers for those plants that have no gas outlets or other means of allowable fuels.

George Afifi, of Celebrity Cleaners in Los Feliz, CA, also stopped by the booth with a large smile on his face, and accompanied by family and friends. He commended General Boiler’s featured models. George is very pleased with his new 15 HP scotch marine – a replacement for two older 15 HP watertube boilers made by other manufacturers. Not only is his new GB scotch marine doing the job of two boilers, it is also saving him over $500 a month in energy bills. Now, that’s something to be smiling about!

For drycleaning plants with limited space, General Boiler offers its latest design, the Vertical Marine BoilerTM, which is the second choice for efficiency. This particular model’s upright design makes it the best space-saving boiler in the industry. The Vertical Marine is built with the same features as those of the Marine SuperBoiler design, including double insulation, hot gas turbulators, and top-mounted high efficiency power burner.

Both models are highly compacted to save space, installation costs and most of all, fuel costs – saving customers hundreds of dollars per month.

More information can be obtained at the company’s web site: www.generalboiler.com

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